A new iPhone line has gone on sale in Australia with more than 40 new phones to choose from.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 are the most popular models to hit the market so far.

There are also two new iPhones to go along with the XS models which comes in both Silver and Gold.

There’s also a number of accessories on offer, including the Apple Watch, a camera, a case, a dock, a charger, a wireless charging adapter and the latest Apple Pay.

Here are some of the best iPhone Xs models to buy right now.

The new iPhone The iPhone 8 is a premium device with a curved glass design and a larger screen than any iPhone before.

It comes in Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

The screen has a Super AMOLED display which is a curved display with a resolution of 2160×2880.

It’s the highest resolution iPhone ever.

The device also has a very high-resolution camera which is capable of taking in up to 120 frames per second.

The front-facing camera is the first to be upgraded to an 8MP camera.

Apple also includes an accelerometer and proximity sensor.

It has an iris scanner which is similar to Samsung’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

The camera is a 20MP sensor which is brighter than previous models.

It also has the best optical image stabilisation of any smartphone in its class.

The XS model is similar in design to the iPhone 8, with a slightly curved screen and curved corners.

The display is slightly larger, but is still a 2160 x 2880 pixel resolution.

There also is a rear camera with a f/2.4 aperture which has a 12MP sensor.

There isn’t a 3G radio option.

The rear camera is still 16MP.

The battery has a 3,000mAh capacity and it is removable.

The case is the same as the iPhone 7 but has a rounded design.

There has also been a redesigned power button and the Home button is slightly different from the one on the iPhone X. The headphone jack is an 8mm headphone socket and it has an extra speaker.

There aren’t any USB Type-C ports on the phone but you can use USB-C to charge the device with USB-A charging.

The phone has a new dual-camera setup that combines a new 13MP front- and 16MP rear-facing cameras.

There have also been changes to the design of the display as well as the rear camera.

The back of the phone is now rounded and the power button has a circular shape and a new bezel.

The earpiece is now a circular design and the camera is now round.

There was also a slight change to the front of the device and the back of it has been changed to be more rectangular.

There were also some changes to some of its other features such as the camera sensor and the proximity sensor, which is different from its predecessors.

The Home button has been moved from the bottom of the screen to the top.

There wasn’t much new to report about the iPhone 9, though.

The redesigned front of iPhone 9 has a more rectangular design and there are no new cameras, speakers, buttons or sensors.

The power button is no longer a volume rocker and it’s a power button instead of a power icon.

There seems to be a new front-mounted fingerprint scanner on the rear of the iPhone.

The home button is a power key that has been redesigned to be flush with the display.

The Apple Watch has also received a redesign with a redesigned bezel, new buttons and a revamped design.

It sports a circular display and a bigger screen than the iPhone and iPhone 7.

It weighs about 5g less than the phone and the screen is much more comfortable to hold.

There doesn’t seem to be an Apple Watch Sport version on offer either.

There hasn’t been any new Apple Watch announcements but there has been a couple of new iPhones, which Apple says will be available in “a few weeks”.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 9 are the first two iPhones that Apple has released in a new generation.

They come with either 64GB or 128GB of storage capacity depending on model.

The 128GB model has no microSD expansion and it comes in Gold and Silver.

There might be an upgrade to 128GB storage capacity in the future but there are only 128GB options on offer right now in Australia.

The $599 iPhone 7 comes with 128GB and the $699 iPhone 9 comes with 256GB.

There will be more iPhone upgrades over time, but the new iPhones have to be the cheapest models to get right now so the prices are a bit more affordable.

The phones are the latest iPhones from Apple to arrive in Australia, but they haven’t been released for much longer.

There had been rumours of the next iPhone being released in 2017 but those have since been confirmed.

There won’t be a cheaper

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