You may not have heard of Spotify.

But it’s already a huge player in the music business.

And now it’s getting the web version.

The app is coming to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and it has a free version as well.

The company is calling it the Spotify Mobile Web Player and it’s an update to its popular Spotify web app.

It has a full web browser, search, and media controls.

It supports multiple languages, and if you want to install the web player to your Android device, you can do so right now on the Play Store.

Here’s how to get it installed: Go to Settings → Apps and check for Spotify.

Tap the checkbox for “Spotify Mobile Web Players.”

Tap the Play button and tap Install to start.

If you’re running iOS 10.3, tap the Settings icon at the top left and tap About this update.

Tap Update Now to install it.

Once installed, tap Spotify and you’ll see a splash screen.

Tap Play to open the web browser.

To start playing your Spotify music, open up the web page in Safari, select your music, and play it from the web.

If your browser doesn’t support playing music, the app will just display a blank page.

If the music isn’t playing, you’ll have to start over.

Spotify is still free to download and use, but the new web player will be much more robust.

If Spotify isn’t compatible on your phone, it’s possible to sideload it.

You can sideload the app from the Play store by going to Settings and tap Download now.

Spotify will then install the Spotify app to your phone.

Spotify Mobile Player is available on iOS and Android devices right now, and you can find a link to download it on the Spotify site.

The Spotify web player is also compatible with the new Apple Music app.

You’ll have the option to use it on your iPhone and iPad, as well as the Spotify Android app.

Spotify doesn’t have a download button for the web players on its web site, so you’ll need to download the app and install it on a computer first.

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