Now Playing: The world’s most valuable company is still a mystery | A look at how companies like Uber and Facebook are changing the way people work and travel Now Playing, Tesla’s Model 3 launch is just around the corner Now Playing ‘Walking Dead’ creator on why he thinks people won’t want to see the show anymore Now Playing How Uber is redefining transportation with a new car Now Playing Tesla launches Model 3, a new electric car that is a $30,000 luxury sedan with a top speed of 250 mph Now Playing The first ever SpaceX launch is here!

Now Playing This robot robot will make people feel like they are walking on the moon Now Playing Trump takes another shot at the ‘alt-right’ With his daughter Ivanka Trump, the President talks about the alt-right Now Playing Donald Trump has one of the most successful political campaigns in history Now Playing Here’s what it will take for Donald Trump to win a third term in office Now Playing What’s happening to Hurricane Florence?

Now Playing Are the superpowers that created the internet in the 21st century coming back?

Now Play Here’s the best news of the week about the new season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Now Playing Meet the parents of a boy who’s been diagnosed with autism.

Now Playing New research shows that the autism spectrum disorder is not a new disorder and there is no link to being raised in an affluent home Now Playing When the Internet Wasn’t So Free Now Playing Who’s going to pay for the $7.5 billion price tag of the Trump International Hotel and Tower?

Now That’s news!

Now Play Donald Trump is a new billionaire and a billionaire is a billionaire.

Now That is news!

Here’s a look at what happens next in this new season Of ‘The Apprentice.’

Now Playing A woman who used to be a child star on ‘The Amazing Race’ has a new story to tell about her life Now Playing These 10 ways that the new Disney movie ‘The Jungle Book’ is helping kids understand their world Now Playing It’s a brand new week for Netflix with the release of the new Star Wars animated series Now Playing Is there a new Netflix show that’s about a boy and his horse?

Now On the heels of the Disney-Fox merger, Netflix announced that it will be merging its video streaming and video production businesses, bringing together the two largest video streaming services in the world Now On The heels of Disney-Time Warner merger, the Wall Street Journal reports that Disney and Time Warner are preparing to sell their media companies to buy each other’s media companies Now On CNN, a former White House correspondent on the Clinton campaign was fired over a tweet she posted last week that included the word “trickle down.”

Now On ‘The Daily Show’ hosts Jim Jefferies and Samantha Bee had a fun conversation with the comedian who became one of Trump’s biggest supporters after he supported her bid for president Now On Amazon, Amazon’s Prime Instant Video and Apple TV have become the biggest rivals to Hulu Now On How to watch ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’ with your TV Now On ABC News Tonight, the network’s new night-time newscast will be dedicated to covering the Trump-Russia investigation Now On HBO, ‘Game of Thrones’ has earned an Emmy nomination and will premiere this fall Now On Twitter, it was announced that ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ will be returning to CBS All Access on May 18 Now On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Hulu Plus have all become the largest video streamser in the United States Now On Google Play, you can watch ‘House of Cards’ on Android Now On Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have become Google’s most popular video streaming apps Now On Facebook, the social network has become the most-used platform for the sharing of political content Now On Airbnb, the travel site has become Airbnb’s largest U.S. market Now On Uber, the ride-hailing service has become Uber’s largest customer Now On Apple TV, Apple has announced a new Siri-powered Siri Remote Now On Fox News, a conservative commentator on Fox News will be joining Fox News Now On MSNBC, Rachel Maddow will be a co-host Now On CBS This Morning, the CBS Evening News will host a special on “The Trump-Putin Connection” Now On BBC America, ‘This American Life’ will return this fall on the BBC iPlayer Now On NBC News, Rachel Martin will be hosting ‘This Week’ Now On PBS NewsHour, John Dickerson will be an anchor Now On ESPN, Bill Simmons will be co-anchor Now On FOX News, Megyn Kelly will host ‘This Morning’ Now on Comedy Central, James Corden will host the ‘Daily Show’ Now Now On BuzzFeed, a social media marketing company is launching a new tool for businesses to increase sales and engagement Now On WGN America, the channel’s ‘

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