An online shopping platform is going offline.

It’s not a surprise, but it’s a real shock.

The social media giant has removed the Gmail mobile app from its app store.

It will be available as a standalone app on the Google Play store.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that Gmail will be gone from the Play store on June 18, but did not elaborate on the reasoning behind the move.

Google has not provided an explanation for the move, but the move appears to be aimed at reducing competition in Gmail’s nascent mobile app market.

Google’s move follows Apple’s decision to remove the iPhone app from the Apple App Store last week.

While Apple has not announced plans to remove all apps from the App Store by the end of June, its decision has reignited the debate over the future of the App store, with many tech companies weighing in on the subject.

Apple removed the iPhone apps from its App Store following a year of controversy over the company’s decision not to update its iPhone apps to include support for iCloud, a feature Apple said it would provide to users after the launch of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple previously removed apps that had not been updated to include iCloud support, which meant they did not automatically sync across devices.

The iOS 8 update to the iOS app store will bring Apple’s iCloud sync feature to iOS devices as well.

Apple said that “it will be easier to sync iCloud-enabled devices than ever before.”

Google’s decision follows similar moves by Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

Apple is expected to begin rolling out its iCloud sync for Android devices this week.

Google said it will begin rolling its sync feature for iOS devices on June 16.

Google also announced it will be removing its Android apps from Google Play, Google Play Music, and YouTube.

Google Play and YouTube have both been accused of allowing advertisers to target users with targeted ads.

Google announced it would remove ads from its YouTube app in September.

Google was one of several tech companies to announce a similar change earlier this month, with Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft all saying they would remove the ads from their apps.

Google is also planning to roll out its mobile apps as soon as possible.

It said it was moving away from Google+ for its social networking service and adding its own mobile apps.

“We are making progress toward making Google+ a more relevant and engaging place for people to connect, share, and discover content and apps,” Google said in a statement.

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