If you’re one of the lucky ones who has already been infected by a web-based email scam, here are 7 tips you can take to keep your personal data safe.


Read the emails before you open them.

If you’ve been reading spam emails and receiving them on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to read them carefully.

While you should be able to see the sender’s IP address, you should also be able see the email’s subject line and the subject of the email itself.

If the email contains more than one email address, they should all be in the same language, such as 【[email protected]】.

Also, keep in mind that spam emails are often sent in multiple languages, so you might not get all of the information you expect.


Always opt-in to email.

If your email address is linked to your email preferences or other preferences, you might get a message that says you’ve opted-in for the email.

You should then be able open the email, and the sender will ask you to enter your password, if prompted.

You can then see a list of your email’s recipients and attachments.

If this doesn’t seem to work for you, try another email address.


Never send spam.

Scammers use email to lure unsuspecting people into scams, such a phishing website, fake website, or spam email, to gain money.

If anyone sees your email and thinks it’s legitimate, you’re most likely to be tricked into clicking on the scam link.

To be safe, make sure you’re not sending email that includes attachments, attachments that contain any viruses, or malicious software.


Always check your spam folder.

You may have noticed that you’ve seen emails with attachments in your spam folders, and you’ve probably received an email with a link that says, 【SPAM LINKED HERE】.

Scam sites may have placed links to your spam inbox on your website or elsewhere, so it’s important to check your inbox regularly.


Be careful when signing up for a new email address or domain.

If someone sends you a scam email asking for an email address and password, you need to be careful when you do so.

You might get tricked into signing up and entering your email password, and then receive a message saying that you’re in the spam list.

If that happens, be sure to delete the email before clicking on it, or else you could be tricked by the scammers into clicking a link to sign up for their service.


Be wary of email from spamming sites.

If a website is hosting emails for you that look like they come from an email scam site, you may not be able find the email in your inbox.

If so, check your junk folder or inbox for more emails and click the “Unsubscribe” button to unsubscribe.


When sending email, try not to click the links that say “Receive.”

This could lead to spam.

You shouldn’t click on links that don’t take you to the real website you’re trying to send to, such.

as,  【email sent from 【spam address here】, 】 and 【mail sent from a legitimate email address here, etc.】.


Use a personal Gmail address for your email.

Personal Gmail addresses are unique email addresses that you can create for specific situations.

It’s a way for you to keep in touch with your family and friends, and it allows you to stay organized on the go.

Some email providers offer additional features for this purpose, such the option to customize your email, such that you receive the emails you want, as well as to add attachments.

For more information about how to use a personal email for your Gmail account, see How to use Gmail for personal emails.


Always read email attachments carefully.

When you receive a spam email containing attachments, you can use the following trick to read the email and ensure it’s legit: open the attachment, click the link to unsubfollow, and click Reply.


Always change your password to protect your privacy.

If an email or website sends you an email asking you to log in, change your email or password to make sure it’s only for you.

You could also change your username and password to be different from what the website says.

If one of these is not enough, try using a different email address for different situations.

For example, if you have a Gmail account that’s linked to a website, you could create an account for yourself, and switch your email from Gmail to another email account.

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