Hardly a week goes by without a new rumor about the Internet, whether it’s a Google-backed web service that could potentially compete with Google TV, or a rumored new web browser that will enable users to access websites on the Web from any device.

Today, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) released a document titled “Technical Summary: The Internet of Things.”

According to the document, the World Wide Internet is a system of devices connected to the Internet by various types of connections, each with its own unique set of capabilities.

This system of connected devices is referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

While this document is focused on the Internet of things, the agency claims that it is also a threat to the privacy of Internet users.

According to an analysis of the document by Ars Technica, the document outlines a variety of technical issues with the IoT.

For example, it argues that “many devices and components, including routers, thermostats, wireless devices, cameras, and so on, all have the capability to collect and share information about your activities.”

The document argues that this collection and sharing of information will result in “minimization of the ability of individuals to protect their privacy, and ultimately their physical safety.”

While it is possible to connect a smartphone to the IoT via Bluetooth, the technology is only available for a few phones, and only to select customers.

The document states that the IoT is an “electronic device, and it is a platform for collecting and storing information.”

As a result, it is “highly likely” that the device will have the ability to collect information about a person’s activity without their knowledge.

The documents analysis also claims that IoT devices could be used to track the location of people.

In the same report, the NSA argues that it has “high confidence” that IoT will have “potential to enable a wide range of data mining, collection, and storage.”

While the documents conclusions are not specific enough to directly address the issue, the concerns are concerning.

The NSA document warns that IoT can be used for mass surveillance, specifically to track people and collect data on them.

In a statement, Google said that the company believes that the report is “misleading and is based on flawed information.”

The company also stated that “Google believes it is important for people to be able to protect themselves from cyber threats.”

The National Security Administration has also warned that IoT surveillance could be “used to target individuals, businesses, or governments for disruption.”

In a separate statement, Apple added that it “is committed to working with the government and industry to ensure that people, businesses and governments can protect themselves and their devices.”

The NSA also has its eyes on Amazon and other retailers who store their customers’ data on Amazon’s servers, and the report argues that Amazon’s failure to encrypt the data on its servers could allow it to be “captured” by the government.

Ars Technic writes that “it is important to note that, as we reported, Amazon’s data centers are also located in the United States, and they have a responsibility to protect customer data.

Amazon does not have a requirement to encrypt customer data, and therefore the data that it stores on Amazon servers could be potentially accessible to a government.”

The report is part of a larger document released by the NSA titled “Unclassified Report: Threats to Civil Liberties.”

It was created by the agency to inform Congress on the threat of the IoT and the need for increased surveillance capabilities.

The report identifies “potentially significant” issues with IoT surveillance and argues that they could have a “disruptive effect on individuals, communities, and companies.”

The government’s analysis includes information on “Internet-enabled devices,” including “smart TVs, smart cameras, smart home appliances, and connected personal computers.”

The analysis also identifies “a variety of Internet-connected devices, including the Internet browser, the Internet search engine, and mobile devices.”

These devices could “have the ability, over a short time period, to collect, store, and share a vast array of information about individuals and organizations,” and “would be able, over time, to perform various types and levels of analysis of that information.”

In the document’s summary, the report suggests that there are “potent security risks associated with IoT that could lead to the exploitation of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by adversaries.”

Ars Technics analysis of these documents claims that the NSA is not the only one looking into IoT surveillance.

The Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other agencies have also been examining IoT threats.

The DHS recently published a “Top 10 IoT Threats” report, which highlighted “a broad array of vulnerabilities” that could result in the exploitation and/or “disruption of IoT systems.”

The Department is also developing a new Cybersecurity Strategy, which focuses on cybersecurity and cybersecurity operations.

In its report, DHS highlighted

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