President Donald Trump ripped the media on Friday for not covering the Charlottesville violence that claimed the lives of nine people and left dozens injured, calling it a “fake news” story that hurt him and hurting the country.

The president took aim at CNN and other outlets that reported on the events as a “sick and disgusting lie.”

He was joined at the podium by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who called the media “the most dishonest and dishonest group of people” he has ever encountered.

“Fake news, fake news, Fake news,” Trump said.

“Fake news hurts us.

Fake news is helping us.

We’re not good enough.”

“And they are hurt by it.

They are hurting us.

They’re hurting our country,” he continued.

Trump went on to say that he would call the news media out for reporting on his statements, calling on them to stop the “fake” news.

“I will call them out on that and we’ll have a lot of people in there, including you, on the other side of the table,” Trump added.

“But I will tell you this: You’re the ones that are hurting our great country.

You’re hurting us.””

You’re the reason we don’t have a wall,” Trump continued.

“You’re hurting the American worker.

You are hurting the U.S. economy.”

Trump’s comments came after his administration announced Thursday it would ban transgender people from serving in the military, which many had hoped would have helped to stem the violence that followed the white nationalist rally in Virginia that left one woman dead and dozens injured.

At the White House, Sanders said that Trump “was talking about the hate speech of the alt-right,” and that the president “did not say that the alt right is not a hate group.”

“The president did not say, ‘They’re a hate organization,'” Sanders said.

Trump also took aim again at the media over their coverage of the events, saying that “fake media” is hurting the United States and the country is “going to have to deal with it.”

“Fake media is hurting our economy,” Trump stated.

“They’re hurting you and you’re hurting me.

And they’re hurting people who work in our newsrooms.”

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