An Australian mobile web app company has set up a website, which will allow people to send and receive email using their mobile devices.

The company, Textfree, was founded by four Australian-based mobile app developers who met on a Google Hangout in December 2015 and are working to create a text-free, web-based email client for Android and iOS.

The textfree website is designed to be simple, lightweight and clean, and is built using web technologies such as CSS3, Javascript and JavaScript with no HTML or CSS files.

Textfree has been a success and its customers are becoming more confident in the app.

In a statement, founder and CEO Ben Richey said that he was delighted with the success of the website, and said the company was working to build more of its services.

“We’ve had a fantastic launch in the past year with tens of thousands of downloads, and now we’re really excited to see the growth of the business,” he said.

“As a small company, we have to get the word out and keep it alive, so we’re also working hard to get it up and running in a way that is scalable.”

The website is currently available to download for free and provides users with the ability to set up an account and send and recieve email.

The site also offers links to various mobile app stores, which have the potential to be used to monetise the app in the future.

The website also includes instructions for how to set the app up, which include a guide on how to install and configure the webmail server and a tutorial on setting up an Android app using an Android emulator.

Richey added that he and his team have been able to scale the app by developing the iOS app in tandem with the Android app.

“It was a really exciting experience to get this app out there and now it’s time for us to build the Android apps for our iOS customers, which we’re very excited to be able to do,” he explained.

“There’s been a lot of development effort behind that, and I think that’s really important.”

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