A few weeks ago, Google released a new version of Chrome that allows you to add web pages and add-ons to your favorite sites like Netflix and Amazon.

However, when you first open up Chrome for the first time, you’re greeted by a page with a white background.

That white background makes it difficult to see the actual content on the page.

To fix this, Chrome automatically removes the white background from the page as soon as you start typing in the address bar.

However in a real world scenario, this could cause issues with some websites, so it’s a great idea to enable this feature when installing a new browser.

To enable this setting, you need to edit your Chrome settings in the menu bar.

You’ll need to add a page to your list of extensions that you want to disable.

To do this, open the Chrome preferences page, then select “extensions” and then click “add a page.”

You’ll then be asked to select the page that you just added to your Chrome list.

Select “chrome://extensions,” then click on the “Add Page” button.

Now the page should show up in the Chrome list of “Extensions.”

Click on the URL of the page you want and then select the “Remove Page” option.

This will remove the white page from the Chrome menu bar, which will not only save you from having to go to the Chrome settings page again, but it will also save you some battery life by keeping tabs open.

To disable this feature on a personal computer, open Chrome and select “Settings.”

Click “Extension Settings,” then “Show advanced options,” and then “Enable” under “Display” under the “Privacy” section.

The “Remove Pages” button is now grayed out and you can no longer enable this option on your personal computer.

If you’re not using a Mac, this feature might not work for you.

When you’re installing a software update, make sure to use the “Update now” button on the Chrome notification window to ensure that the update is installed.

This button will pop up a notification that tells you that the software update is available.

If it does not pop up, you can manually click “Update” to download the update.

If this update doesn’t update Chrome on the computer you are running Chrome on, you’ll need a different computer.

This is because updates can sometimes take several hours to complete, depending on the speed of your computer.

To prevent this, click “Notify me when updates are available” in the notification window.

This window will ask you to accept the update and then show a confirmation message when it’s finished.

To uninstall an update, click on “Uninstall” in this window.

You should see a “Thank you for installing the update” message, but Chrome won’t update on your computer again.

To turn off this feature, open up the Chrome preference page and click on your “Add-ons” page.

You will see a checkbox next to the “Enable Page” section, which you can click to enable.

Now click on that “Enable page” and click “Uncheck.”

This will disable the white screen of death from appearing.

If your computer is slower than usual, this might take a few hours.

If that happens, you might need to re-enable the “Page Refresh” feature to make sure that Chrome is updating the webpage on the screen as quickly as possible.

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