More tech companies are hiring and building robots that can read and write, and some are even trying to build robots that think and feel like humans.

In a piece titled “Tech companies are creating new jobs, boosting the economy,” Recode reported that the company Axess is using its robotics platform for human labor and machine learning to build a new type of robot.

The platform is called Axess Robo, and Axess recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Google to help it develop the platform.

The company is working with Google on its first-generation robot, Axess Scout, which will be used to build human-like robots that will run on Google’s platform and have sensors that measure and respond to human movements.

The Axess robots are not designed to be as intelligent as humans, and they can’t be used for any kind of production work.

The robot can only do a few tasks, like picking up objects, making food, or washing dishes.

But the Axess Scouts can run a variety of applications and can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Google is hoping that the robot will help the company build a more sophisticated robotics platform.

But it may be less about making robots that work and more about creating more human-looking robots.

The robots can have different facial expressions and gestures, and will be able to respond to humans with different voices, gestures, speech patterns, and expressions.

The machines will be designed to help people with disabilities get around.

Google has said that its robots will be “human-like” and have the same abilities as a human, but Google has not said how many robots are in use at any given time.

Google said it is “proud” of the Axes Scouts, and that it is also “pushing the boundaries of what is possible with robotics.”

Google said that Axess has built the first-gen robot “with the most advanced sensors and algorithms.”

The company has said it will work with Google “to bring the best of both worlds.”

Axess was founded in 2015 by a group of software developers and researchers from the University of Illinois.

Google’s Axess Robotics platform is built on the Axell framework, which Google first introduced in 2014.

The framework is a programming language that enables programmers to build new kinds of systems.

Google also built a robotics platform called the Cloud Vision platform in 2017.

Axess said that it plans to continue building on the Cloudvision platform, which it has already used for its robot development.

Google plans to add more sensors, processors, and other parts of the platform to the Robo platform in the future, and it plans “to make it the standard for all future robotic development,” Axess CEO Daniel Pichardo said.

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