Charlotte’s blog, “Charlotte’s Web,” is the latest in a string of progressive media outlets to highlight the racial and economic disparities in Charlotte and surrounding communities.

In the past few weeks, the Charlotte Observer, the Charleston Post and the Charlotte City Paper have all used the Charlotte Blog to cover the story of how the city has historically been a city that disproportionately harms people of color and the poor.

The Charlotte Blog, which is part of a broader initiative by the Charlotte NAACP, aims to bring the stories of Charlotte and other cities to a wider audience.

It launched in 2014 and has a loyal following of over 30,000 readers.

This story first appeared on the Charlotte blog, Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte Blog Charlotte’s Blog is the newest addition to the Charlotte Web platform.

The blog, which launched in June, is dedicated to covering the racial inequities of Charlotte, as well as a broad range of topics, including local government, the economic challenges facing Charlotte, and other issues affecting Charlotte.

The Blog is published every Monday and Wednesday by Charlotte resident and author, Jessica Williams.

Williams started the blog in 2014 to share the stories and experiences of Charlotte’s residents.

The first blog post featured a photo of Charlotte resident, Maddy, who is black and white, with a white woman and black men.

“She was a bit like, ‘Yo, this is me.

This is me,'” Williams said.

“This was a little like, this isn’t me.

It’s me because I’m white.”

Williams also made the blog into a platform for African Americans to voice their own stories about their lives in the city.

The community and community-based organizations that Williams created to support her activism have helped to foster the blog.

Williams said she was surprised to see that so many African Americans in Charlotte had a story to tell.

“The African American community has always been the most progressive,” she said.

Williams added that the Charlotte Community Council, which the blog is affiliated with, is the most active African American organization in Charlotte.

It has worked to improve housing and services for African American residents in the Charlotte metro area.

“We’ve been working with the community to address their needs for the last four years, and we are working toward more,” she added.

The blogger has also worked to raise awareness of the city’s economic disparities.

In February, the blog published an article about a new black business venture, the first in Charlotte to open a store in 25 years.

“It was a dream come true for all of us to have a business in Charlotte,” said Charlotte resident Nelana Davis.

“To open a business was a way for me to have my business, my life, my family back in Charlotte.”

Williams, who was recently named Charlotte’s mayor, said that the city needs to improve its efforts to improve the economic prospects of its African American citizens.

“When people talk about poverty and economic inequality, I think the African American population, the Black community, the Hispanic community is the people who are really impacted,” she explained.

“And we have a lot to be concerned about in the African community.”

The Charlotte City Council passed the Charlotte Public Library’s Community Equity in Libraries, a bill that will allow Charlotte Public Libraries to operate as an independent agency and provide financial assistance to help black Charlotte residents pay rent, utilities, food and other expenses.

The bill passed with support from all members of the Charlotte Council and the Democratic majority in the City Council.

Charlotte’s Mayor and City Council members have also announced plans to invest $1.5 million in a community center and a library that would open in 2019.

Williams, the Mayor of Charlotte who also served as the Charlotte city council member for Charlotte’s African American communities, said the new library and library would serve as a model for other cities that are looking to create similar centers.

“These centers can be the next model of affordable, affordable access for our communities,” she continued.

“I think the idea of a library is one that we can learn from, and that we need to emulate.

We have a great library, and I think this model of a public library can be really a model that we could replicate throughout the country.”

Charlotte is a historically African American city and, as Williams noted, Charlotte is often considered a city of poverty and segregation.

The City Council also passed a resolution to rename Charlotte City Hall after Charlotte Police Officer Walter Scott, who died following an altercation with a police officer.

In addition, the City of Charlotte adopted a resolution on June 29 calling for the abolition of the Racial Justice System, an effort that includes the removal of all of the state’s black people from office.

In an interview with the Charlotte Business Journal in August, Williams said that Charlotte has seen an increase in police brutality incidents.

She noted that a police shooting of a black man in 2016 was followed by the arrest of a number of people, including black people, for selling marijuana in public.

“If you look at Charlotte, we have seen a lot of

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