You may have heard of AngularJS, but did you know that it’s a great way to build web applications with JavaScript?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and the best ways to get started.

If you want to learn more about AngularJS and web development, check out this post.

We’ve also written a full tutorial on creating a Web App with Angular in under three hours.

If your favorite language is not JavaScript, Angular has you covered.

AngularJS is a framework for building web applications.

If it sounds familiar, that’s because it’s basically the same language as AngularJS itself.

To learn more, read this post and this article.

If the AngularJS website you are working with doesn’t have a navigation bar or some sort of sidebar, you can use the ng-app directive to add a navigation menu.

ng-view ng-navigate ng-menu ng-toggle ng-show ng-hide ng-tooltip ng-button ng-plus ng-minus ng-multicolumn ng-multiple ng-overflow If you have a template with navigation bar and you want your website to show up as a navigation panel, you’ll want to use ng-class directive.

ngClass ngClass will give you a class that you can override in your template to display the navigation panel.

ngFor ngFor will show the navigation bar in the editor.

ngInngInng Inline navigation directives will display the menu in the sidebar.

ngMenuInng menuInngMenuIn ng-repeat ng-click ng-draggable ng-spacer ng-sizing ng-align ng-position ng-max-height ng-min-height You can find more information on ngClass, ngIn and ngFor in this AngularJS article.

ngSelect ngSelect will select an element in the DOM.

ngClick ngClick will activate the selected element.

ngMouseClick ngMouseKeyDown will show an action that allows the user to select the selected item.

ngScroll ngScroll will scroll the element to the bottom.

ngSibling ngSiblings will set a parent container that will contain the selected child elements.

ngToggle ngToggled will toggle the element with a text field.

ngPane ngPanes will add a new pane to the page.

ngRadio ngRadio will play a sound when an event occurs.

ngText ngText will show a text to the user.

ngEdit ngEdit will edit the text.

ngDrop ngDrop will open a dropdown menu.

The ngDrop directive allows you to create an ngDrop object to be used in your ng-include directives.

ngTooltip ngToolTip will add the tooltip to the dropdown panel.

This directive adds an option to show the tooltip in the popup menu.

In the ngDialog directive, you could create a tooltip for every input element on the page to show.

ngView ngView will show your own text and image.

ngContent ngContent will show all the content of the page with the ngContent directive.

This is a great directive for adding navigation to your AngularJS application.

ngDialog ngDialog will create a dialog to allow you to edit the content.

This allows you not only to add navigation to the front and back of the content, but also to add other text and images to the dialog box.

ngTable ngTable will display a table of contents for a single page.

The table of content will be displayed in the dialog and shown in the user’s browser.

ngPopup ngPopups will create an angular popup for a specific element.

This popup will display all the available options, including the menu.

You can create a popup menu in your Angular JS application.

The first step is to add an AngularJS dependency.

You’ll need to add ng-dependency to your html file.

ngActions ngAction will give the ngActaive action access to the ngMenu in the ngList directive.

To use this, add the following code in your HTML template:


Now, in your templates, add an ng-list directive to your navigation bar:

The ngAactaive directive takes an action and returns an AngularJs list of the actions that have been performed.

ngList will add an item to the list.

ngAction is the action that the action has been called on. ngActor is the class that has been set up in the action’s callback.

The list of actions can be used as a list of filters for filtering out the ones that do not

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