Prisoners at the maximum security state’s maximum-security facility in Texas are allowed to grill their cellmates at the outside, but only if the inmates are wearing clothes they have bought for themselves.

It was part of a campaign launched by inmates at the Austin Women’s Facility in 2010 to try and encourage inmates to wear clothing for themselves and, by extension, encourage people to buy them.

But prison officials at the time said the policy was a “mistake” that “caused a lot of problems” and that they were looking into how to change it.

Since then, inmates have been allowed to use their own clothes as long as they are wearing them in the prison’s cafeteria, and inmates have even been allowed the opportunity to buy clothes from their own wardrobe.

It was a move designed to promote the prison as a place of social and economic empowerment, according to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

However, it was also a way to prevent inmates from “harassing” the staff by refusing to buy their own clothing and using their own names and images in their communications.

In a statement at the end of June, the Department said that its new policy would now only apply to those inmates who are wearing prison-issued clothing, which include shirts, jeans and hoodies.

“As a result, the policy is not in effect for any inmate who is not wearing prison clothing,” it said.

The new policy, which has not yet been enforced, comes after several high-profile prison scandals, including the death of a prisoner and the death last year of a pregnant inmate.

A recent investigation by the Associated Press revealed that a group of prison employees at the women’s facility were involved in a systematic scheme to cover up sexual assault, including an inmate who sexually assaulted an inmate.

Since the scandal broke, inmates at Texas’ largest prison have said they were told by their jailers to “go easy” on one another.

Many inmates at Women’s said that they felt pressured to talk about their sexual assaults because their cells were so far apart.

“I just felt like they had no choice but to go easy on me,” said one inmate who was raped in 2014.

“I couldn’t fight back because I was raped.”

The inmate, who is now 24, was not able to tell her attackers to stop because she feared being fired.

The inmate who said she was raped was also told that she would lose her job and could be sent to the county’s Women’s Department.

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