2Gs Glasses

About The Project

The 2Gs Glasses website was designed for a startup company selling custom eyewear. The client wanted a website that clearly demonstrated his business concept and could process orders via a customization system. It was important to him to create a simple and intuitive navigation experience for users that supported the creation of highly customized products. The client wanted to instill a sense of trust in his audience and demonstrate his genuine desire to make a difference in their lives.

Design Features

Because the business concept was unique, it was important to clarify the business purpose and process on the home page, starting in the hero section. After a brief intro to the company, examples of the types of custom eyewear that they can make are displayed to illustrate what the introduction tells the audience. The home page then dives into the customization process, providing images and links to products as it goes to encourage further exploration. Call to actions are displayed clearly at both the top and bottom of the page as well as in the navigation bar for easy access at any point on either the home page or other pages.

Since the home page focused on demonstrating the business concept and process, the about page focused on building a human connection with the audience through copy and visuals. The mission and vision of the company are written with evocative copy to demonstrate the genuine nature of the company’s purpose. Photos and bios of the company’s staff are prominently displayed to show the faces behind the scenes and build trust with the audience.

The customization page features a horizontal slider for each section of eyewear customization to maintain a clean visual throughout the process and to avoid visual clutter. Thumbnails of products are displayed to be selected by the user, so the user can choose their products directly from the order screen without navigating to individual product pages. Customization options use conditional logic to show or hide options based on previous selections.

To give the website a modern feel, slow animations are used on images throughout the website and the images have rounded borders. To evoke ideas of trust, dependability, sincerity, and health, a hearty blue and green are used on an off-white background that softens the website’s appearance. By mixing modern techniques with more casual design aspects, the website looks both professional and approachable.


Color Psychology

Blue: Trust, Dependability, Integrity

Green: Health, Comfort, Reliability, Transparency 

Brown: Warmth, Welcoming, Sincerity

Platform: WordPress