Harris Virtual Solutions

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About The Project

The Harris Virtual Solutions website was designed for selling premium copywriting services. The client wanted a website that established her expertise in the field and provided an intuitive experience for ease of use. The website was inspired by the vibes of a Victorian library and aimed to create a balance between warmth and elegance.

Design Features

The website was designed with simplicity in mind, keeping the layout clean and minimalist. Imagery of classic stationary and sophisticated pens are carried throughout the web design. A photo dignified photo of a quill was chosen as the focal point of the home page to match the brand logo and establish a classy and luxurious aesthetic. A calligraphy font paired with a more minimalist, refined font was chosen to carry the elegant quality of the web design throughout each page and create contrast, drawing attention to the most important and powerful copy on each page. Emerald green and gold were chosen as the primary design colors for their association with sophisticated yet warm emotional impacts and their associations with wealth and confidence.

Color Psychology

Green: Stability, Growth, Prosperity, Satisfaction

Gold: Warmth, Sophistication, Elegance, Confidence

Platform: Squarespace