Pure Pink Skin Boutique

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About The Project

The Pure Pink Skin Boutique website was designed with the goal to sell high-end skincare products. The client wanted a website that could process her orders and serve as the management hub for her business operations. It was important to her to create a warm and welcoming experience for her visitors and showcase her luxury skincare products in a professional manner. Most of the client’s customers are women, so the website needed to appeal to this target audience.

Design Features

The sections on the home page were organized in accordance with the AIDA marketing framework. Awareness of the brand starts to build immediately after landing on the page with the company logo, name, and founder displayed in the hero banner. Awareness of the brand is nurtured by placing the company mission directly below the hero text. The page generates interest in the products by displaying featured products directly upon scrolling. Desire to buy the products is sparked by providing a customer review next on the page. All of these elements inspire the visitor to take action by exploring the product pages, which directs them to buy.

To make the site warm and welcoming, the founder’s name is placed at the top of the page and an about section is placed at the bottom of the page. Both of these design choices help to create an emotional connection with the brand. The imagery on the page depicts smiling women to inspire feelings of acceptance and to appeal to the target audience. The calligraphy type typography also served to appeal to women and the minimalist typography used on the rest of the page served to make the site feel elegant and refined. The colors chosen to represent the client’s brand were used to inspire feelings of warmth, welcoming, and femininity.

Color Psychology

Pink: Femininity, Luxury, Warmth, Kindness

Brown: Warmth, Welcoming, Sophistication, Elegance

Platform: Ecwid