Wildflower Mind

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About The Project

The design of Wildflower Mind aimed to create a shop that convinced visitors that it was not solely established to make money, but instead is primarily dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and making a difference in the lives of women. The ultimate goal was to create a space that not only reflected the brand, but that also allowed our customers to connect with the mission of the brand on a deeper level. While this goal is not unique to Wildflower Mind, the particularly challenging aspect of this project was trying to create a powerful response to unextraordinary products that saturated shops across the web, a hallmark weakness of dropshipping stores.

Design Features

Core design elements such as theme, color scheme, and typography were also carefully crafted to generate specific emotional responses to the website and strengthen brand identity. The chosen theme is modern and minimal, allowing the focus to remain on the content of the page. The contrasting typography further reinforces the concept of novelty. Headers are displayed in a font that is elegant and professional to increase business credibility while paragraph text is more playful and casual to create the illusion of approachability and make users feel comfortable. The central colors were chosen based on their effects cited in color theory. Colors that emphasized feelings related to empowerment and wellbeing and colors that appealed to the target audience of young adult women were identified. Specific shades of each color were then selected to create contrast and balance.

To combat the obstacle of ordinariness, I focused on maximizing design features that provided novelty and accentuated the content that builds emotional engagement with the reader. Content that details the business’s mission, like the tagline and about excerpt, is strategically placed very near the top of the page to immediately begin building meaningful engagement with visitors. Other content designed to strengthen the emotional pull of the page and encourage the reader to interact with the site is spaced between promotional content. This alternating content type layout ensures that the reader is continuosly building a relationship with the business and remains stimulated to continue reading while also being exposed to products that may catch their attention and convert into a sale. The website’s design also features strategically placed widgets of varying dimensions and internal architecture (number of columns, visual element to text ratios and layouts) to keep the reader stimulated by diversifying the focal point of the page.

Interactive features such as hover effects and action requiring widgets (carousels) are also incorporated to encourage the user to take action.

Color Psychology

Purple: Femininity, Compassion, Vision, Inspiration

Blue: Trust, Sincerity, Purpose, Confidence, Power, Wholesome

Platform: Shopify